Jisoo Hope Yoon is a 18-year-old student writer based in South Korea. She was born and raised in Seoul and earned her high school diploma at Korea International School. She has been dabbling in fiction, poetry, and playwriting, as well as contributing editorials for Blueprint, her high school’s online magazine— her articles are linked here. She will be attending Stanford University in the fall of 2019.

This blog is both a platform for her to share her work and a space for her to blog about her life, archiving her somewhat tumultuous, somewhat uneventful journey through the world. If not for an audience, then at least for her own eyes.

Hope is not her middle name, but rather a second first name. She often feels caught between dichotomies that threaten to throw her off balance— Jisoo and Hope, Korean and foreigner, meditative and bossy, optimistic and skeptical. Her work is a part of the process in which she refuses to choose between these identities and rather tries to let something rise from the conflict: something meaningful, and perhaps, on occasion, beautiful.

She is currently working on her first feature-length screenplayIt’ll most likely never see the light of day, but it’s been an enjoyable and meaningful project nevertheless.