Jisoo Hope Yoon is a writer, actor, and spoken word poet studying English and Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University. Her mind has taken up roots in America but her heart has always been in Seoul, where she was born and raised. She is an advocate for underrepresented voices, and believes in creating what is relevant, embodied, and accessible.

She is part of Stanford’s nationally ranked spoken word team, and will be performing with them in the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2020. She has previously performed with Wordsmiths, a monthly spoken word and music show in Haebangchon, Seoul. Her poem is forthcoming in Polyphony Lit.

As an educator, Hope has taught and co-taught workshops in nonfiction essay writing and creative writing. She directed a youth after-school theater program in Korea for more than three years, carving a path for more children to have access to a theater education, creative outlet, and safe space.

Her art tells the story of the in between. Of the not-quite immigrant experience. The not-quite sexual experience. The not-quite loving experience. She does not see the world as black and white, and her quest is to illuminate the gray. Also, she likes space.