(*This is part of a series of poems I wrote about quantum physics concepts.)


Another mundane day, you may

Collapse into something different.

Conceivably, a man; perhaps otherwise. It could be

Endless— the torture of

Potential— or perhaps you love this

Timeless ambiguity.


Then you are caught,

Harnessed into a definition; can you then avert those God-like

Eyes that search for all the universe?


In this sudden singularity, somewhere in the

Night sky is destiny—

Can you believe that? There is

One just as undefined as you, but

Now that you are changed, they, too,

Gain meaning. Perhaps this is the

Ripeness of adulthood; the

Ultimate permanence of

Owning and being owned.

Until you doubt such a bond exists at all; for when

Someone is a galaxy away, how can that be?


(*now read down the first letter of each line)