My eyes wandered to a


And I threw a fit-


Let me back on the boat


Phantom stings

Like paper cuts

Marked the bare skin

I do not like to show


Soon saved by metal and glass,

I looked down at the pink ghost


Now jealous

Of its passive tentacles

And expansive gelatin,

A friendless,

Unconscious float

A melting candle

A leaf,

Drifting like a lone lottery ticket


But I imagine even that elegant devil

Ended up washed ashore

A corpse

As children explore

With a prodding twig

Its listless limbs,

Now exposed and draped across the sand,



Captured by metal and glass,

I cannot be stung anymore

Still, there is fear

and wonder

and envy

But I am mostly glad

I never had to

Bare my flesh to a stranger